Technician (テクニシャン Technician) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV.


Increases the wielder's moves that have a base power of 60 or less by 1.5× their power.

Pokémon with Technician

Pokémon Type
Meowth Sprite Meowth Normal
Meowth Alolan Sprite Meowth* Dark
Persian Sprite Persian Normal
Persian Alolan Sprite Persian* Dark
Mr. Mime Sprite Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy
Scyther Sprite Scyther Bug/Flying
Scizor Sprite Scizor Bug/Steel
Scizor Mega Sprite Scizor* Bug/Steel
Smeargle Sprite Smeargle Normal
Hitmontop Sprite Hitmontop Fighting
Breloom Sprite Breloom Grass/Flying
Kricketune Sprite Kricketune Bug
Roserade Sprite Roserade Grass/Poison
Ambipom Sprite Ambipom Normal
Mime Jr. Sprite Mime Jr. Psychic/Fairy
Minccino Sprite Minccino Normal
Cinccino Sprite Cinccino Normal
Marshadow Sprite Marshadow Fighting/Ghost