Type Category Power
Psychic Special 90
Accuracy Priority Contact
100% 0 No

Psychic (サイコキネシス Psychokinesis) is a Psychic-type move introduced in Generation I.


The user strikes the target with a strong telekinetic force. This has a 10% chance to lower the target's Special Defense by 1 stage. In a Double Battle, Psychic can target any Pokémon around the user.

Pokémon that learn Psychic

By level

Pokémon Type Level
Raichu Alolan Sprite Raichu* Electric/Psychic 1
Venonat Sprite Venonat Bug/Poison 47
Venomoth Sprite Venomoth Bug/Poison 53
Kadabra Sprite Kadabra Psychic 38
Alakazam Sprite Alakazam Psychic 38
Slowpoke Sprite Slowpoke Water/Psychic 45
Slowbro Sprite Slowbro Water/Psychic 49
Drowzee Sprite Drowzee Psychic 49
Hypno Sprite Hypno Psychic 49
Staryu Sprite Staryu Water 42
Mr. Mime Sprite Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy 39
Mewtwo Sprite Mewtwo Psychic 57
Mew Sprite Mew Psychic 30
Spinarak Sprite Spinarak Bug/Poison 40
Ariados Sprite Ariados Bug/Poison 46
Natu Sprite Natu Psychic/Flying 33
Xatu Sprite Xatu Psychic/Flying 35
Espeon Sprite Espeon Psychic 37
Slowking Sprite Slowking Water/Psychic 45
Girafarig Sprite Girafarig Normal/Psychic 50
Smoochum Sprite Smoochum Ice/Psychic 38
Ralts Sprite Ralts Psychic/Fairy 27
Kirlia Sprite Kirlia Psychic/Fairy 30
Gardevoir Sprite Gardevoir Psychic/Fairy 31
Spoink Sprite Spoink Psychic 44
Grumpig Sprite Grumpig Psychic 52
Lunatone Sprite Lunatone Rock/Psychic 29
Solrock Sprite Solrock Rock/Psychic 29
Gorebyss Sprite Gorebyss Water 34
Metang Sprite Metang Steel/Psychic 38
Metagross Sprite Metagross Steel/Psychic 38
Latias Sprite Latias Dragon/Psychic 51
Latios Sprite Latios Dragon/Psychic 51
Jirachi Sprite Jirachi Steel/Psychic 20
Deoxys Normal Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic 31
Deoxys Attack Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic 31
Deoxys Defense Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic 31
Deoxys Speed Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic 31
Wormadam Plant Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Grass 44
Wormadam Sandy Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Ground 44
Wormadam Trash Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Steel 44
Mothim Sprite Mothim Bug/Flying 44
Mime Jr. Sprite Mime Jr. Psychic/Fairy 93
Cresselia Sprite Cresselia Psychic 37
Munna Sprite Munna Psychic 37
Woobat Sprite Woobat Psychic/Flying 41
Swoobat Sprite Swoobat Psychic/Flying 41
Sigilyph Sprite Sigilyph Psychic/Flying 44
Gothita Sprite Gothita Psychic 37
Gothorita Sprite Gothorita Psychic 39
Gothitelle Sprite Gothitelle Psychic 39
Solosis Sprite Solosis Psychic 37
Duosion Sprite Duosion Psychic 39
Reuniclus Sprite Reuniclus Psychic 39
Elgyem Sprite Elgyem Psychic 39
Beheeyem Sprite Beheeyem Psychic 39
Meloetta Aria Forme Sprite Meloetta* Normal/Psychic 57
Fennekin Sprite Fennekin Fire 41
Braixen Sprite Braixen Fire 49
Delphox Sprite Delphox Fire/Psychic 57
Meowstic Male Sprite Meowstic* Psychic 40
Meowstic Female Sprite Meowstic* Psychic 40
Spritzee Sprite Spritzee Fairy 48
Aromatisse Sprite Aromatisse Fairy 48
Yveltal Sprite Yveltal Dark/Flying 59
Hoopa Confined Sprite Hoopa* Psychic/Ghost 75
Hoopa Unbound Sprite Hoopa* Psychic/Dark 75
Oranguru Sprite Oranguru Normal/Psychic 43
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

By TM29

Pokémon Type
Butterfree Sprite Butterfree Bug/Flying
Raichu Alolan Sprite Raichu* Electric/Psychic
Clefairy Sprite Clefairy Fairy
Clefable Sprite Clefable Fairy
Jigglypuff Sprite Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy
Wigglytuff Sprite Wigglytuff Normal/Fairy
Venonat Sprite Venonat Bug/Poison
Venomoth Sprite Venomoth Bug/Poison
Psyduck Sprite Psyduck Water
Golduck Sprite Golduck Water
Poliwag Sprite Poliwag Water
Poliwhirl Sprite Poliwhirl Water
Poliwrath Sprite Poliwrath Water/Fighting
Abra Sprite Abra Psychic
Kadabra Sprite Kadabra Psychic
Alakazam Sprite Alakazam Psychic
Slowpoke Sprite Slowpoke Water/Psychic
Slowbro Sprite Slowbro Water/Psychic
Gastly Sprite Gastly Ghost/Poison
Haunter Sprite Haunter Ghost/Poison
Gengar Sprite Gengar Ghost/Poison
Drowzee Sprite Drowzee Psychic
Hypno Sprite Hypno Psychic
Exeggcute Sprite Exeggcute Grass/Psychic
Exeggcutor Sprite Exeggcutor Grass/Psychic
Exeggcutor Alolan Sprite Exeggcutor* Grass/Dragon
Chansey Sprite Chansey Normal
Staryu Sprite Staryu Water
Starmie Sprite Starmie Water/Psychic
Mr. Mime Sprite Mr. Mime Psychic/Fairy
Jynx Sprite Jynx Ice/Psychic
Electabuzz Sprite Electabuzz Electric
Magmar Sprite Magmar Fire
Lapras Sprite Lapras Water/Ice
Porygon Sprite Porygon Normal
Snorlax Sprite Snorlax Normal
Mewtwo Sprite Mewtwo Psychic
Mew Sprite Mew Psychic
Hoothoot Sprite Hoothoot Normal/Flying
Noctowl Sprite Noctowl Normal/Flying
Spinarak Sprite Spinarak Bug/Poison
Ariados Sprite Ariados Bug/Poison
Cleffa Sprite Cleffa Fairy
Igglybuff Sprite Igglybuff Normal/Fairy
Togepi Sprite Togepi Fairy
Togetic Sprite Togetic Fairy/Flying
Natu Sprite Natu Psychic/Flying
Xatu Sprite Xatu Psychic/Flying
Politoed Sprite Politoed Water
Yanma Sprite Yanma Bug/Flying
Espeon Sprite Espeon Psychic
Umbreon Sprite Umbreon Dark
Murkrow Sprite Murkrow Dark/Flying
Slowking Sprite Slowking Water/Psychic
Misdreavus Sprite Misdreavus Ghost
Girafarig Sprite Girafarig Normal/Psychic
Corsola Sprite Corsola Water/Rock
Remoraid Sprite Remoraid Water
Octillery Sprite Octillery Water
Porygon2 Sprite Porygon2 Normal
Stantler Sprite Stantler Normal
Smoochum Sprite Smoochum Ice/Psychic
Elekid Sprite Elekid Electric
Magby Sprite Magby Fire
Blissey Sprite Blissey Normal
Lugia Sprite Lugia Psychic/Flying
Ho-Oh Sprite Ho-Oh Fire/Flying
Celebi Sprite Celebi Psychic/Grass
Beautifly Sprite Beautifly Bug/Flying
Dustox Sprite Dustox Bug/Poison
Ralts Sprite Ralts Psychic/Fairy
Kirlia Sprite Kirlia Psychic/Fairy
Gardevoir Sprite Gardevoir Psychic/Fairy
Sableye Sprite Sableye Dark/Ghost
Meditite Sprite Meditite Fighting/Psychic
Medicham Sprite Medicham Fighting/Psychic
Spoink Sprite Spoink Psychic
Grumpig Sprite Grumpig Psychic
Spinda Sprite Spinda Normal
Lunatone Sprite Lunatone Rock/Psychic
Solrock Sprite Solrock Rock/Psychic
Baltoy Sprite Baltoy Ground/Psychic
Claydol Sprite Claydol Ground/Psychic
Shuppet Sprite Shuppet Ghost
Banette Sprite Banette Ghost
Duskull Sprite Duskull Ghost
Dusclops Sprite Dusclops Ghost
Chimecho Sprite Chimecho Psychic
Gorebyss Sprite Gorebyss Water
Metang Sprite Metang Steel/Psychic
Metagross Sprite Metagross Steel/Psychic
Latias Sprite Latias Dragon/Psychic
Latios Sprite Latios Dragon/Psychic
Jirachi Sprite Jirachi Steel/Psychic
Deoxys Normal Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic
Deoxys Attack Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic
Deoxys Defense Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic
Deoxys Speed Forme Sprite Deoxys* Psychic
Wormadam Plant Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Grass
Wormadam Sandy Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Ground
Wormadam Trash Cloak Sprite Wormadam* Bug/Steel
Mothim Sprite Mothim Bug/Flying
Drifloon Sprite Drifloon Ghost/Flying
Drifblim Sprite Drifblim Ghost/Flying
Mismagius Sprite Mismagius Ghost
Honchkrow Sprite Honchkrow Dark/Flying
Chingling Sprite Chingling Psychic
Bronzor Sprite Bronzor Steel/Psychic
Bronzong Sprite Bronzong Steel/Psychic
Mime Jr. Sprite Mime Jr. Psychic/Fairy
Happiny Sprite Happiny Normal
Spiritomb Sprite Spiritomb Ghost/Dark
Munchlax Sprite Munchlax Normal
Lucario Sprite Lucario Fighting/Steel
Electivire Sprite Electivire Electric
Magmortar Sprite Magmortar Fire
Togekiss Sprite Togekiss Fairy/Flying
Yanmega Sprite Yanmega Bug/Flying
Porygon-Z Sprite Porygon-Z Normal
Gallade Sprite Gallade Psychic/Fighting
Dusknoir Sprite Dusknoir Ghost
Froslass Sprite Froslass Ice/Ghost
Uxie Sprite Uxie Psychic
Mespirit Sprite Mespirit Psychic
Azelf Sprite Azelf Psychic
Giratina Sprite Giratina Ghost/Dragon
Cresselia Sprite Cresselia Psychic
Manaphy Sprite Manaphy Water
Darkrai Sprite Darkrai Dark
Shaymin Land Forme Sprite Shaymin* Grass
Shaymin Sky Forme Sprite Shaymin* Grass/Flying
Arceus Sprite Arceus Normal
Victini Sprite Victini Psychic/Fire
Munna Sprite Munna Psychic
Musharna Sprite Musharna Psychic
Woobat Sprite Woobat Psychic/Flying
Swoobat Sprite Swoobat Psychic/Flying
Audino Sprite Audino Normal
Whimsicott Sprite Whimsicott Grass/Fairy
Darmanitan Standard Mode Sprite Darmanitan* Fire
Sigilyph Sprite Sigilyph Psychic/Flying
Yamask Sprite Yamask Ghost
Cofagrigus Sprite Cofagrigus Ghost
Garbodor Sprite Garbodor Poison
Gothita Sprite Gothita Psychic
Gothorita Sprite Gothorita Psychic
Gothitelle Sprite Gothitelle Psychic
Solosis Sprite Solosis Psychic
Duosion Sprite Duosion Psychic
Reuniclus Sprite Reuniclus Psychic
Frillish Sprite Frillish Water/Ghost
Jellicent Sprite Jellicent Water/Ghost
Alomomola Sprite Alomomola Water
Elgyem Sprite Elgyem Psychic
Beheeyem Sprite Beheeyem Psychic
Litwick Sprite Litwick Ghost/Fire
Lampent Sprite Lampent Ghost/Fire
Chandelure Sprite Chandelure Ghost/Fire
Golett Sprite Golett Ground/Ghost
Golurk Sprite Golurk Ground/Ghost
Larvesta Sprite Larvesta Bug/Fire
Volcarona Sprite Volcarona Bug/Fire
Tornadus Sprite Tornadus Flying
Thundurus Sprite Thundurus Electric/Flying
Reshiram Sprite Reshiram Dragon/Fire
Zekrom Sprite Zekrom Dragon/Electric
Landorus Sprite Landorus Ground/Flying
Kyurem Sprite Kyurem Dragon/Ice
Kyurem Black Sprite Kyurem* Dragon/Ice
Kyurem White Sprite Kyurem* Dragon/Ice
Meloetta Aria Forme Sprite Meloetta* Normal/Psychic
Genesect Sprite Genesect Bug/Steel
Fennekin Sprite Fennekin Fire
Braixen Sprite Braixen Fire
Delphox Sprite Delphox Fire/Psychic
Vivillon Sprite Vivillon Bug/Flying
Flabébé Sprite Flabébé Fairy
Floette Sprite Floette Fairy
Florges Sprite Florges Fairy
Espurr Sprite Espurr Psychic
Meowstic Male Sprite Meowstic* Psychic
Meowstic Female Sprite Meowstic* Psychic
Spritzee Sprite Spritzee Fairy
Aromatisse Sprite Aromatisse Fairy
Swirlix Sprite Swirlix Fairy
Slurpuff Sprite Slurpuff Fairy
Inkay Sprite Inkay Dark/Psychic
Malamar Sprite Malamar Dark/Psychic
Aurorus Sprite Aurorus Rock/Ice
Carbink Sprite Carbink Rock/Fairy
Klefki Sprite Klefki Steel/Fairy
Phantump Sprite Phantump Ghost/Grass
Trevenant Sprite Trevenant Ghost/Grass
Pumpkaboo Sprite Pumpkaboo Ghost/Grass
Gourgeist Sprite Gourgeist Ghost/Grass
Noibat Sprite Noibat Flying/Dragon
Noivern Sprite Noivern Flying/Dragon
Xerneas Sprite Xerneas Fairy
Yveltal Sprite Yveltal Dark/Flying
Diancie Sprite Diancie Rock/Fairy
Hoopa Confined Sprite Hoopa* Psychic/Ghost
Hoopa Unbound Sprite Hoopa* Psychic/Dark
Primarina Sprite Primarina Water/Fairy
Cutiefly Sprite Cutiefly Bug/Fairy
Ribombee Sprite Ribombee Bug/Fairy
Oranguru Sprite Oranguru Normal/Psychic
Sandygast Sprite Sandygast Ghost/Ground
Palossand Sprite Palossand Ghost/Ground
Minior Sprite Minior Rock/Flying
Mimikyu Sprite Mimikyu Ghost/Fairy
Bruxish Sprite Bruxish Water/Psychic
Tapu Lele Sprite Tapu Lele Psychic/Fairy
Solgaleo Sprite Solgaleo Psychic/Steel
Lunala Sprite Lunala Psychic/Ghost
Nihilego Sprite Nihilego Rock/Poison
Necrozma Sprite Necrozma Psychic
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.