Natural Cure (しぜんかいふく Natural Recovery) is an Ability introduced in Generation III.


Heals any status conditions inflicted on the wielder upon switching out.

Pokémon with Natural Cure

Pokémon Type
Chansey Sprite Chansey Normal
Staryu Sprite Staryu Water
Starmie Sprite Starmie Water/Psychic
Corsola Sprite Corsola Water/Rock
Blissey Sprite Blissey Normal
Celebi Sprite Celebi Psychic/Grass
Roselia Sprite Roselia Grass/Poison
Swablu Sprite Swablu Normal/Flying
Altaria Sprite Altaria Dragon/Flying
Budew Sprite Budew Grass/Poison
Roserade Sprite Roserade Grass/Poison
Happiny Sprite Happiny Normal
Shaymin Land Forme Sprite Shaymin* Grass
Phantump Sprite Phantump Ghost/Grass
Trevenant Sprite Trevenant Ghost/Grass
Comfey Sprite Comfey Fairy