Lightning Rod (ひらいしん Lightning Rod) is an Ability introduced in Generation III.


Draws in all Electric-type moves to the wielder, even if it wasn't targeted at it, and instead of taking damage, its Special Attack is raised by 1 stage. Even if the wielder is already immune to Electric-type moves due to being a Ground-type Pokémon, its Special Attack will still be raised. If the wielder is in a semi-invulnerable turn, Lightning Rod will not activate.

Pokémon with Lightning Rod

Pokémon Type
Pikachu Sprite Pikachu Electric
Raichu Sprite Raichu Electric
Cubone Sprite Cubone Ground
Marowak Sprite Marowak Ground
Marowak Alolan Sprite Marowak* Fire/Ghost
Rhyhorn Sprite Rhyhorn Ground/Rock
Rhydon Sprite Rhydon Ground/Rock
Goldeen Sprite Goldeen Water
Seaking Sprite Seaking Water
Pichu Sprite Pichu Electric
Sceptile Mega Sprite Sceptile* Grass/Dragon
Electrike Sprite Electrike Electric
Manectric Sprite Manectric Electric
Plusle Sprite Plusle Electric
Rhyperior Sprite Rhyperior Ground/Rock
Blitzle Sprite Blitzle Electric
Zebstrika Sprite Zebstrika Electric
Togedemaru Sprite Togedemaru Electric/Steel