Leaf Guard (リーフガード Leaf Guard) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. This Ability is exclusive to Grass-type Pokémon.


Prevents the wielder from being inflicted with a status condition during sunny weather. If the user tries to use Rest when Leaf Guard is activated, it will fail due to its sleep inducing effect.

Pokémon with Leaf Guard

Pokémon Type
Tangela Sprite Tangela Grass
Chikorita Sprite Chikorita Grass
Bayleef Sprite Bayleef Grass
Meganium Sprite Meganium Grass
Hoppip Sprite Hoppip Grass/Flying
Skiploom Sprite Skiploom Grass/Flying
Jumpluff Sprite Jumpluff Grass/Flying
Roselia Sprite Roselia Grass/Poison
Budew Sprite Budew Grass/Poison
Tangrowth Sprite Tangrowth Grass
Leafeon Sprite Leafeon Grass
Swadloon Sprite Swadloon Bug/Grass
Petilil Sprite Petilil Grass
Lilligant Sprite Lilligant Grass
Formantis Sprite Formantis Grass
Lurantis Sprite Lurantis Grass
Bounsweet Sprite Bounsweet Grass
Steenee Sprite Steenee Grass
Tsareena Sprite Tsareena Grass