Ancient Power
Type Category Power
Rock Special 60
Accuracy Priority Contact
100% 0 No

Ancient Power (げんしのちから Primeval Power) is a Rock-type move introduced in Generation II.


The user attacks with a prehistoric power. This has a 10% chance to raise the user's Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 1 stage each. In a Double Battle, Ancient Power can target any Pokémon around the user.

Pokémon that learn Ancient Power

By level

Pokémon Type Level
Tangela Sprite Tangela Grass 38
Omanyte Sprite Omanyte Rock/Water 37
Omastar Sprite Omastar Rock/Water 37
Kabuto Sprite Kabuto Rock/Water 46
Kabutops Sprite Kabutops Rock/Water 54
Aerodactyl Sprite Aerodactyl Rock/Flying 25
Articuno Sprite Articuno Ice/Flying 29
Zapdos Sprite Zapdos Electric/Flying 29
Moltres Sprite Moltres Fire/Flying 29
Mew Sprite Mew Psychic 50
Togepi Sprite Togepi Fairy 33
Togetic Sprite Togetic Fairy/Flying 33
Yanma Sprite Yanma Bug/Flying 33
Dunsparce Sprite Dunsparce Normal 16
Slugma Sprite Slugma Fire 22
Magcargo Sprite Magcargo Fire/Rock 22
Piloswine Sprite Piloswine Ice/Ground 1
Corsola Sprite Corsola Water/Rock 17
Lugia Sprite Lugia Psychic/Flying 57
Ho-Oh Sprite Ho-Oh Fire/Flying 57
Celebi Sprite Celebi Psychic/Grass 28
Baltoy Sprite Baltoy Ground/Psychic 19
Claydol Sprite Claydol Ground/Psychic 19
Lileep Sprite Lileep Rock/Grass 17
Cradily Sprite Cradily Rock/Grass 17
Anorith Sprite Anorith Rock/Bug 21
Armaldo Sprite Armaldo Rock/Bug 21
Kecleon Sprite Kecleon Normal 21
Relicanth Sprite Relicanth Water/Rock 21
Regirock Sprite Regirock Rock 31
Regice Sprite Regice Ice 31
Registeel Sprite Registeel Steel 31
Kyogre Sprite Kyogre Water 1
Groudon Sprite Groudon Ground 1
Rayquaza Sprite Rayquaza Dragon/Flying 15
Cranidos Sprite Cranidos Rock 33
Rampardos Sprite Rampardos Rock 36
Shieldon Sprite Shieldon Rock/Steel 28
Bastiodon Sprite Bastiodon Rock/Steel 28
Tangrowth Sprite Tangrowth Grass 40
Yanmega Sprite Yanmega Bug/Flying 33
Mamoswine Sprite Mamoswine Ice/Ground 1
Dialga Sprite Dialga Steel/Dragon 10
Palkia Sprite Palkia Water/Dragon 10
Heatran Sprite Heatran Fire/Steel 1
Giratina Sprite Giratina Ghost/Dragon 10
Tirtouga Sprite Tirtouga Water/Rock 18
Carracosta Sprite Carracosta Water/Rock 18
Archen Sprite Archen Rock/Flying 18
Archeops Sprite Archeops Rock/Flying 18
Cryogonal Sprite Cryogonal Ice 21
Reshiram Sprite Reshiram Dragon/Fire 15
Zekrom Sprite Zekrom Dragon/Electric 15
Kyurem Sprite Kyurem Dragon/Ice 15
Kyurem White Sprite Kyurem* Dragon/Ice 15
Kyurem Black Sprite Kyurem* Dragon/Ice 15
Binacle Sprite Binacle Rock/Water 28
Barbaracle Sprite Barbaracle Rock/Water 28
Tyrunt Sprite Tyrunt Rock/Dragon 26
Tyrantrum Sprite Tyrantrum Rock/Dragon 26
Amaura Sprite Amaura Rock/Ice 26
Aurorus Sprite Aurorus Rock/Ice 26
Carbink Sprite Carbink Rock/Fairy 31
Diancie Sprite Diancie Rock/Fairy 27
Minior Sprite Minior Rock/Flying 17
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.