Type Category Power
Flying Physical 55
Accuracy Priority Contact
100% 0 Yes

Acrobatics (アクロバット Acrobat) is a Flying-type move introduced in Generation V.


The user nimbly strikes the target. If the user is not holding an item, Acrobatics' base power will be doubled to 110. In a Double Battle, Acrobatics can target any Pokémon around the user.

Pokémon that learn Acrobatics

By level

Pokémon Type Level
Farfetch'd Sprite Farfetch'd Normal/Flying 37
Hoppip Sprite Hoppip Grass/Flying 28
Skiploom Sprite Skiploom Grass/Flying 32
Jumpluff Sprite Jumpluff Grass/Flying 34
Gligar Sprite Gligar Ground/Flying 22
Chimchar Sprite Chimchar Fire 39
Monferno Sprite Monferno Fire/Fighting 46
Infernape Sprite Infernape Fire/Fighting 52
Gliscor Sprite Gliscor Ground/Flying 22
Pansage Sprite Pansage Grass 31
Pansear Sprite Pansear Fire 31
Panpour Sprite Panpour Water 31
Archen Sprite Archen Rock/Flying 28
Archeops Sprite Archeops Rock/Flying 28
Emolga Sprite Emolga Electric/Flying 30
Meloetta Aria Forme Sprite Meloetta* Normal/Psychic 26
Fletchling Sprite Fletchling Fire/Flying 39
Fletchinder Sprite Fletchinder Fire/Flying 42
Talonflame Sprite Talonflame Fire/Flying 44
Grubbin Sprite Grubbin Bug 19
Charjabug Sprite Charjabug Bug/Electric 19
Vikavolt Sprite Vikavolt Bug/Electric 19
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

By TM62

Pokémon Type
Butterfree Sprite Butterfree Bug/Flying
Beedrill Sprite Beedrill Bug/Poison
Zubat Sprite Zubat Poison/Flying
Golbat Sprite Golbat Poison/Flying
Venomoth Sprite Venomoth Bug/Poison
Mankey Sprite Mankey Fighting
Primeape Sprite Primeape Fighting
Farfetch'd Sprite Farfetch'd Normal/Flying
Mew Sprite Mew Psychic
Ledyba Sprite Ledyba Bug/Flying
Ledian Sprite Ledian Bug/Flying
Crobat Sprite Crobat Poison/Flying
Hoppip Sprite Hoppip Grass/Flying
Skiploom Sprite Skiploom Grass/Flying
Jumpluff Sprite Jumpluff Grass/Flying
Aipom Sprite Aipom Normal
Gligar Sprite Gligar Ground/Flying
Scizor Sprite Scizor Bug/Steel
Mantine Sprite Mantine Water/Flying
Treecko Sprite Treecko Grass
Grovyle Sprite Grovyle Grass
Sceptile Sprite Sceptile Grass
Blaziken Sprite Blaziken Fire/Fighting
Beautifly Sprite Beautifly Bug/Flying
Dustox Sprite Dustox Bug/Poison
Volbeat Sprite Volbeat Bug
Illumise Sprite Illumise Bug
Lunatone Sprite Lunatone Rock/Psychic
Solrock Sprite Solrock Rock/Psychic
Chimchar Sprite Chimchar Fire
Monferno Sprite Monferno Fire/Fighting
Infernape Sprite Infernape Fire/Fighting
Mothim Sprite Mothim Bug/Flying
Vespiquen Sprite Vespiquen Bug/Flying
Ambipom Sprite Ambipom Normal
Drifloon Sprite Drifloon Ghost/Flying
Drifblim Sprite Drifblim Ghost/Flying
Mantyke Sprite Mantyke Water/Flying
Gliscor Sprite Gliscor Ground/Flying
Uxie Sprite Uxie Psychic
Mespirit Sprite Mespirit Psychic
Azelf Sprite Azelf Psychic
Pansage Sprite Pansage Grass
Simisage Sprite Simisage Grass
Pansear Sprite Pansear Fire
Simisear Sprite Simisear Fire
Panpour Sprite Panpour Water
Simipour Sprite Simipour Water
Woobat Sprite Woobat Psychic/Flying
Swoobat Sprite Swoobat Psychic/Flying
Archen Sprite Archen Rock/Flying
Archeops Sprite Archeops Rock/Flying
Emolga Sprite Emolga Electric/Flying
Eelektrik Sprite Eelektrik Electric
Eelektross Sprite Eelektross Electric
Cryogonal Sprite Cryogonal Ice
Mienfoo Sprite Mienfoo Fighting
Mienshao Sprite Mienshao Fighting
Hydreigon Sprite Hydreigon Dark/Dragon
Larvesta Sprite Larvesta Bug/Fire
Volcarona Sprite Volcarona Bug/Fire
Tornadus Sprite Tornadus Flying
Meloetta Aria Forme Sprite Meloetta* Normal/Psychic
Froakie Sprite Froakie Water
Frogadier Sprite Frogadier Water
Greninja Sprite Greninja Water/Dark
Fletchling Sprite Fletchling Normal/Flying
Fletchinder Sprite Fletchinder Fire/Flying
Talonflame Sprite Talonflame Fire/Flying
Vivillon Sprite Vivillon Bug/Flying
Hawlucha Sprite Hawlucha Fighting/Flying
Noibat Sprite Noibat Flying/Dragon
Noivern Sprite Noivern Flying/Dragon
Yveltal Sprite Yveltal Dark/Flying
Decidueye Sprite Decidueye Grass/Ghost
Litten Sprite Litten Fire
Torracat Sprite Torracat Fire
Incineroar Sprite Incineroar Fire/Dark
Popplio Sprite Popplio Water
Brionne Sprite Brionne Water
Primarina Sprite Primarina Water/Fairy
Grubbin Sprite Grubbin Bug
Charjabug Sprite Charjabug Bug/Electric
Vikavolt Sprite Vikavolt Bug/Electric
Oricorio Baile Style Sprite Oricorio* Fire/Flying
Cutiefly Sprite Cutiefly Bug/Fairy
Ribombee Sprite Ribombee Bug/Fairy
Salazzle Sprite Salazzle Poison/Fire
Tsareena Sprite Tsareena Grass
Comfey Sprite Comfey Fairy
Passimian Sprite Passimian Fighting
Minior Sprite Minior Rock/Flying
Komala Sprite Komala Normal
Tapu Koko Sprite Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy
Lunala Sprite Lunala Psychic/Ghost
Celesteela Sprite Celesteela Steel/Flying
Marshadow Sprite Marshadow Fighting/Ghost
Bold indicates that this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates that an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.